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Reviving The Squanderbug
 Stop wasting, save money, save your health and  save the planet.

 "The Squanderbug"   

"Keep Calm and Carry On"

  and "Make Do and Mend "

were part of a PR campaign during World War II in Britain.   This will be familiar to those of us who grew up in Britain seeing  posters of  The Squanderbug in grocery stores, banks and the Post Office to encourage people to save money for the war effort.

We are in another war now - 

to save the planet . 

The Squanderbug will remind everyone to:

 Stop wasting, save money, save your health and  save the planet.

Are you squandering away your health, life, money and environmet?  

Think of  The Squanderbug getting into your bank account by way of spending too much.  Think of the Squanderbug when you don't maintain good health.

Think of  The Squanderbug when you send too much to the landfill.

  *** which all leads to squandering the resources of the planet***

 We can share our ideas and tips on how to trim back the excesses of todays lifestyle here.

Please share advice and tips on conservation. 


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