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Our Old Friend  .....The Library

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The Library

Our Old Friend …….The Library

You may be surprised at the wide variety of material you can borrow (books, movies, TV shows) with your membership – which is still free.  Take a moment to find out more about all the services offered at your Local Library.  Find it on the internet or stop by.


The Library’s web site has such a wealth of information and many data bases to utilize.  You may find it daunting, but your librarian will help you maneuvre your way to download ebooks, audio books, music, movies and educational information. It is always good to check your library’s web site to search for and request a book.

If you need to be inspired you can pop in from time to time and have a look around or, again, get help from the librarians who are very friendly and knowledgeable.


Of course, there are books – for everyone in your family.  Books of all kinds.  Novels, historical, geographic (planning a trip) and educational.  I even borrowed a beautiful ‘coffee table book’ which I don’t have room to store but which I can enjoy for a time and return.


There are computers there with access to the internet and usually help on hand if you hit any snags.  There are printers and copiers available (for a fee).


There are so many streaming platforms for entertainment choices nowadays, all wanting a monthly fee – prioritize with one or two and go to the Library and see what they have - movies, TV series, TV shows, TV specials.  They might not be first run, but they are free.  If you don’t see the one you are interested in – just ask.  The Library can request it for you and may be able to get a book or a Movie from another library, even another library in a different part of the state.  Movies, books and TV shows can be accessed on-line through membership in your library.


Libraries have community events, i.e., story time for children.  This is a good time to introduce your children to the wonderful world of books with many more choices than they would have at home.


Not only does the library have meeting rooms you can reserve, but quite often they will have exhibitions of community projects, i.e., quilting and photography.  Check their calendar of events for lectures and guest speakers. 

Your club or organization may want to hold a meeting with a guest speaker, and you can arrange that through your library.


There are Home Delivery Services for the disabled, handicapped or advanced age. Some Libraries offer a service where a volunteer will come to your home and assist you with your home device; PC, Tablet or cell phone.


Some libraries have seating arrangements for quiet time to peruse a book while you determine what your selection will be  - or – just to take a break from your hectic life.  Our library has seating around a fireplace, just the refuge we sometimes need.


Are you a newcomer?  Pay a visit to the Library and take your current photo ID issued by a government agency and apply for membership.  You’ll never feel lonely when you can get a good book and get familiar with your new community.

What a blessing the Library can be for immigrants too.  Being in a new environment and a stranger to the country and culture what better place to get acquainted?  Find Language material, beginning English books, movies in English, people you can speak to and help you.  The computer world is international and that world is available to foreigners in a lovely setting.  Being with Americans with their children in the library is a great introduction to a diverse, wholesome American culture.

Library Services.jpeg
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