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Visit Lost River Cave Park in Bowling Green KY

Admission to Lost River Cave Park is free and it is open from Dawn to Dusk

What a lovely surprise we got the first time we went to Lost River Cave Park. We found out that besides the tour into the cave there are shady walking trails all over the park. There is so much to see and the terrain is different on the many different trails

. My favourite part is where the water trickles out of the spring down a rocky waterfall. If you sit there quietly you will be able to spot, and listen to, all the colourful birds which come here to bathe. The area beyond that is so verdant and serene it invites explorers to go just a little further and see more.

Most people know about the tour of the cave and the zip-line, but there is so much more to do at this lovely park – for people of all ages. There are maps and pamphlets about the park from information at the ticket office, but the best thing to do is just explore – you will be amazed.

We now drive all the way through the parking area to the beginning of the paved walking path. There is always parking there. Lost River Cave Park now has the funds to pave this area to make it easier for mums with strollers and the disabled to access the paved walking path that borders the park.

We always go down to the “Blue Hole Trail” and never tire of taking all the different off-shoots from the main trails and marvelling at the different trees, plants and rock formations. I always spray my ankles with insect repellant to prevent an attack from any stray beasties that might be in the grasses.

The Butterfly Habitat is a must where you will see lovely flowers and different species of beautiful butterflies close up.

A BIG plus is the fact that when the temperature is high in Bowling Green it is always a LOT cooler at Lost River Cave Park.

Lost River Cave Park is an urban 72-acre park that offers activities and events that utilize its natural and man-made features. Natural features include the cave, a wooded valley with trails, river, and other karst features, such as blue holes, sinking streams, and beautiful rock outcrops. A 20-acre barrens prairie and a woodland meadow are currently being restored. Visitors to the park will also find a seasonal butterfly habitat, manmade wetland system, paved wetland system, paved Greenway Trail, visitor center and gift shop, classroom/meeting space, and an event venue at The Historic Cavern Nite Club.

For more information contact

Lost River Cave Park

2818 Nashville Road

Bowling Green KY 42101

TEL: 270 393 0077

One of the Blue Holes on the trail at Lost River Cave Park

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