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Positive Changes

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Because of the pandemic many of us have learned to do without visits to the gym, movies, bars, restaurants and hair-dressers. Eating at home has changed the way we live and shop and it has also had an impact on how and where food is distributed – more is needed in grocery stores and less sent to restaurant chains.

Do we really need mile after mile of Fast Food restaurants lining the main roads of our cities? Might it not be a good idea if we were forced to eat at home with our families? If you have forgotten how to cook, or how to shop for ingredients ask your mothers and grandmothers, they will be glad to tell you how to buy wholesome vegetables, legumes and inexpensive cuts of meat that make tasty meals. Using old fashioned housekeeping habits and cooking at home might save money as well. Perhaps the whole population would be a lot more healthy, fewer people would have type II diabetes and perhaps obesity would decline.

Grandparents who haven’t discovered how to use all the features of their smart phones and iPads could get their grandchildren to walk them through the steps to use services by using Facetime or Skype. Then they can order their groceries on-line. This can be done on the phone – not necessarily face to face. This would encourage older people to “get connected” and techno-savvy youngsters to spend time with their grandparents.

Not only can we order groceries online to pick up curbside or have delivered, there are many services available at the touch of an index finger. Libraries Unbound will let you check out books for two or three weeks from your local library (free) and read it on your iPad (via Kindle). You won’t have to go to the library, but you will still be able to get books and movies. Get the app “Overdrive” or “Libby” on your iPad or PC or smart phone. Some libraries deliver books and movies.

Families now have homes full of every kind of convenience and various types of entertainment. Xbox and all the new games … This is an opportunity for everyone to get out all those devices and try them out. Get out the old games too and sharpen your skills with Monopoly, Scrabble, Yahtzee, Mexican Train, Aggravation and dozens more. Just think how much you can enjoy the home you have spent so much time and money perfecting, well now sit back and enjoy that “Home Sweet Home” and save money at the same time.

Local governments are investing more in broadband than in road maintenance. This crisis has shown that many companies can continue to allow working from home and be more efficient and fewer cars will be on the roads. State and city budgets will have to be reassessed. There are many more people using the internet for everything that web sites are crashing. It is very important to let the unemployed file for unemployment without undue delay over websites that are being overused.

When (if) the pandemic is over I hope all the kindnesses that were extended all around remains.Will neighbours still collect prescriptions, get milk and bread and run other errands for each other? Yes - friends and family are reaching out to each other to make sure everyone is well and to see if anyone needs anything. This kindness has really been evident with strangers out helping the victims of the tornadoes, removing detritus, leaving baskets of food and supplies and taking victims to shelters.


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