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Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Because of the pandemic many of us who have suffered the loss of a loved one know what it is like not to be able to be with family members while they are desperately ill or to attend their funerals.

Mourning and grieving is a time when we all want to be supported and to support friends and family. The pandemic may be over, but sometimes, because of distances and circumstances, it is difficult to travel to be with family for these sad occasions.

One way to share your support is to set up an Online Memorial Website and invite everyone to participate in sharing memories. It will be password protected for invitees.

There are many of these websites and they can be found and researched through the internet. It is better to have a personal referral because many websites are leads to get you to buy something.

‘MuchLoved’ is a charitable web site. There are no fees imposed. Donations are welcome but not solicited.

‘MuchLoved’ provided the platform where I could join with my relatives displaying stories, pictures and memories of a loved one who passed away in Britain. I live in America and we have other family members and friends in Canada, Australia and New Zealand. All of us were able to communicate by posting our thoughts, sympathies and condolences on MuchLoved’.

Those of us in far flung places watched the funeral on the funeral home’s web site and sent messages to each other via MuchLoved’.

In the middle of the pandemic very few people were allowed to attend the funeral therefore many of us used the internet to ‘attend’ the funeral.

Here is a link to ‘’ where you can set it up, use and share it world-wide. If we have another bereavement in the family I would use MuchLoved’ again even though it does not link with funeral homes at this time.

When searching for an On Line Memorial Website in the USA with links to funeral homes I would use MuchLovedas an example and find one with the same principles again even though it does not link with funeral homes in the U.S.A. at this time.

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