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Lung Disease Undetected

More and more people are trying to live a healthy life today. We are better informed of the consequences of no exercise and overeating.

We think that we are being protected by state and federal governments against harmful substances in our air and water. This is not always the case. Each state has different laws and many of these laws are on the books because of the dominant industries which have big money to lobby for their own interests and not necessarily in the best interest of the public. These laws are being changed in Kentucky.

Tobacco in Kentucky has been a big influence on the ill health of Kentuckians by promoting smoking and not promoting clean air in work areas enough. Kentucky has the highest rate of lung disease in America.

Please refer to Fighting to Breathe for in depth details.

Just like the general population is not aware that their blood pressure is too high and not being aware that they are borderline diabetic not enough people are being checked to see if they have lung cancer. Even non-smokers get cancer. Kentucky is one state that offers free screening for qualified candidates.

Non-smokers may get cancer if their homes are being infiltrated with Radon. A house may test positive for Radon, but next door may not. It can seep into an individual house undetected and not necessarily a whole neighbourhood.

Radon Testing Kits are free in Logan County and can be borrowed from the Library in Russellville. Radon is quite prevalent in Logan County, is very harmful and can cause lung disease. The testing kit will show you if you have Radon in your home and if the level is dangerous.

Check with your local Public Health where you live to see what screening and aid is available to you and your friends and family to help you prevent another health hazard.

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