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Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth

When I was asked if I would grant an interview to our local TV news station about the death of HM Queen Elizabeth, I hesitated, as I had not formulated my own thoughts on how I felt about her passing. Of course I was very sad. She had been such an icon all over the world. An icon of what, we may ask? The superlatives about Her Majesty have been broadcast over and over again over the last two weeks. What more could I say that has not already been said?

I am glad I agreed to see Sarah Walters with WBKO who brought her camera and microphone with her to talk about The Queen. I decided I wanted to tell everyone what an example she was to me growing up in Edinburgh.

The Queen was a very beautiful woman, a mother of four and a hard-working woman who was constantly in the spotlight. Did she ever waiver from that exemplary role of propriety? No. Did she adjust and adapt herself to changing times? Did she keep her family problems in the family? Was she always true to herself and her Christian faith? Yes. Did she become my idol? Not exactly, but her image, her character and her personality was very evident and was always a reminder to me of how young women should behave.

Will young women today have such an example? Princess Catherine, Duchess Meghan and some of the other young Royals will carry on that legacy in the United Kingdom, but will they affect young women in USA, Canada and Australia as universally as Her Majesty did.

We have so many world leaders now who are women, and they should take a leaf out of The Queen’s book and remember that they will be emulated by thousands of young women. Who will remind these leaders to speak responsibly, dress responsibly, act with kindness and inclusivity and smile a lot.

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